Gift cards can be purchased in any amount from $10 to $500 at the Information Desk inside the Shops at 1750 Crystal Drive, immediately adjacent to the Metro entrance.


The gift card is valid at all participating Crystal City Shops stores, service sand restaurants. You can use the entire amount at one store or use the gift card in multiple stores until your balance is depleted. For more information please call 703.413.7214.


Participating Stores

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Q. I purchased Crystal City Shops gift card.
Where may I use it?

A. Crystal City Shops gift cards are valid in almost every store in the mall with few exceptions; click on the link above for a list of participating stores. The gift card may not be used outside the Crystal City Shops. If you have a question or problem with regard to redeeming your gift card, please call the Merchant Support Number on the back of the card (800-755-8713) for assistance.

Q. Is there a fee when I purchase a gift card?

A. No, there is no fee when you purchase the Crystal City Shops gift card.

Q. Can my gift card be replaced if lost or stolen?

A. Yes, we have the ability to cancel and replace lost or stolen gift cards provided we have enough information about the original transaction. If your card is lost or stolen, your will need to verify the balance. If the balance is reduced by transactions, we can cancel the old card, but we can only issue your new card for the amount remaining on your lost or stolen card once we verify its balance. To verify a balance, your will need to provide the card number. Be sure to keep a record of your gift card number.

Q. Is there a fee to issue a replacement card if my card is lost or stolen?

A. Yes, there is a $2.50 processing fee to replace a lost or stolen gift card.

Q. Does my mall gift card expire?

A. No, your gift card does not expire; however, if you have a balance remaining one year after purchase, $2.50 per month will be deducted from the card, until it is used again or there is a zero balance on the card.

Q. Can my card be reloaded with additional funds?

A. No, the Crystal City Shops gift cards cannot be loaded with additional funds.

Q. Can I purchase gift cards in bulk, such as for a corporate order?

A. Yes, please contact the Management Office at 703-413-7214.

Q. How do I check the balance on my card?

A. You can check the balance on your card at any time by calling 800-755-0085 or click on the link above. Make sure you know your card number in order to obtain balance information.

Q. The amount on my gift card is less than the total amount of my purchase. How do I use my gift card to pay a partial amount of my purchase?

A. Most stores are set up to handle multiple forms of payment or "split transactions." If, for example, your purchase totaled $100, but you only had a $60.00 balance on your gift card, you should first advise the store associate of the exact balance of your card. For your exact balance call 800-755-0085 or click on the link below. The store can then enter the available balance prior to swiping the gift card and then will alert you of the remaining balance due to complete the transaction.